Obituary: Ken Maxted

Mike Webb writes:

I have just had the sad news that Ken Maxted has passed away. Ken taught for many years at the school and was an Assistant Head, Master in charge of the Sixth Form, Head of Romsey House and a member of the Geography Department.

He was a founder member of the staff cricket team and he played for them with distinction for many years. Ken also organised the staff five-a-side for a time. He was a thorough teacher of geography and helped to build the subject into one of the most heavily subscribed in the school at one time.

As an Old Boy of Taunton’s School, Ken must have had divided loyalties when the two schools met of the sports field but Bournemouth School usually won out in his affections. He will be sorely missed by his colleagues at the monthly ‘Chips’ gatherings.

6 thoughts on “Obituary: Ken Maxted

  1. I am very sorry to hear this news, I remember Ken well.
    In particular, at the end of my first term at Bournemouth School in 1972, I was feeling unwell, and the doctor told me to go to the hospital. I had an operation late at night, and the following day Ken took my car back home from where I had had to leave it.
    Otherwise he was always a very friendly and professional colleague.

  2. Very sad to hear of the passing of Ken Maxted. I have a faint recollection that he was involved with careers advice back when I was in 2.14 and 3.14 under the auspices of the wonderful BJ Sanders.

    RIP KM.

  3. Just seen this post and very sad to read of Ken Maxted’s passing.
    Ken was the form teacher for 1:16 in September ‘70 and 25 years later told me that we were the first class that he had been given and had remembered many of those in the class.
    Such a genuine man who definitely had a passion for sport and teaching

  4. Ken Maxted gave me suggestions in his role as a career advisor that changed my life for the better. My gratitude continues to this day. Great teacher as well. Was lucky enough to have him for A level geography. RIP

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