Memories from the 1960s

David James (OB 1960s) has got in touch with some photographs and memories from his time at School.

The first, from 1967, depicts Milford Harrison (L) and David James (R) in front of their work as school poster artists.

Before Photoshop: the two School poster artists 1967, Milford Harrison (L) and David James (R) send up their work.

The second is from a CCF camp in 1965.

RAF South Cerney, 1965, annual camp

David has identified some names as:

Back row: Christopher Challenger extreme left, Michael Gething 3rd from left, David James 5th from left, Philip Yates 4th from right, Norrington 6th from right
Middle row (officers): Flt. Lt. Sephton (Woodwork) centre, P.O. Hopkins (Mathematics) right Front row: Geoffrey Dickinson extreme left, Kuflik 3rd from right

The third and fourth are from the School Play – Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1 (1967).

The School Play, Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1, 1967

Graham Ford as Captain Fluellen (centre), David James as banner bearer.

The Assembled Cast

If any other members have memories they’d like to share, please get in touch.

2 thoughts on “Memories from the 1960s

  1. Graham Ford — the name brings back memories. I think we ran cross country together, and Graham knew the rules; once when a human arrow disappeared from the course, Graham led some of us farther and farther into the muddy woods. But we survived, and we were right! So thanks, Graham.

  2. Re South Cerney:
    Back row:second from right Ian Mackenzie, third from right Jim Coakes
    Front row: second from left Chris Riley, third from left Doug Deedman

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