News of Old Bournemouthians

A new initiative is to post a periodic “News of OB’s” section to keep the Association and its members up-to-date, so please, dear alumnus, get in touch!

The type of information we’d like to share is: careers, locations, degrees / qualifications, family, news of other OB’s, dates & memories at school, etc. All generations of alumni are encouraged to contribute!

Below are extracts from the 1913 and 1974 editions of The Bournemouthian (clearly pupils didn’t have Christian names until the seond half of the Twentieth Century). Sadly the practice of publishing OB news died along with the magazine in the early 2000s, but hopefully this can be changed.

4 thoughts on “News of Old Bournemouthians

  1. Most ‘Good’ schools take a bit of trouble to keep in touch with their ‘alumni’. why cannot ‘Bournemouth School for Boys’ do the same? Can you tell me anything about the whereabouts of JC Elliott (head boy (1946) or Ken Gardiner (Chairman of AFC Bournemouth in 2005) or who were The ‘Chickalas’

    • Interested to see a post from Bryan Burdett, I believe our courses through the School coincided. (’42 to ’49 or ’50.). Met again at a party in Brum probably late ’50’s. I thought that later Bryan went to USA.
      I remained in UK , de Havilland’s Hatfield, then at Roke Manor Research, Romsey.

  2. I am sorry to inform Old Bournemouthians of the death of Ken Maxted. Ken was a long serving member of staff, Assistant Head, Head of Sixth Form and a geography teacher for many years. He was a founder member of the Staff cricket eleven, playing for them with great success over many years. He once organised the staff five-a-side football and coached young cricket and soccer teams in his time. He helped to build up Geography to one of the larger departments in the school and was involved in field trips to Leeson House. As an old boy of Trauntons, he should have had divided loyalties when the two schools met of the sports field but he was always a committed Bournemouth School supporter. He will be sadly missed by his former colleagues at the ‘Chips’ get-togethers.

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