One thought on “Obituary: Eddie Rapley

  1. Dear Gordon

    We would love to hear from any of Eddie’s friends – Eddie was my Father’s golfing partner, along with his friend Peter Uren (who passed away late last year), up at Weybrook. We have visited Eddie during his recent hospital stay – it was difficult reading about Eddie’s passing in the local newspaper. Freddie and I visited Eddie in hospital the week before he died – I had seen him on a number of occasions during his stay but he looked very well on that last visit (although that’s no measure is it….),

    Eddie was a very kind man and we hope to be there to say ‘farewell’ to him on 6th March at Cliddesden. I went to St Leonards Church this afternoon to check out the parking. Will there be any notices displayed about Eddie’s funeral in the church?

    Anything that you are able to tell us leading up to Eddie’s passing or Betty’s health would be much appreciated (any enquiries from non family members are not answered)

    all the best

    01256 468474

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