Kevin Holmes

Kevin Holmes (BS 1963-1968) has got in touch asking if any of his old contemporaries are still around:

I attended BS from 1963 to 1968, joining in the second year having moved from Sir George Monoux grammar school in Walthamstow. Mr Bennett was the Headmaster with Mr Barraclough as his deputy. The usual suspects I remember – Jasper Dodds, Harcourt-Smith, Rayner, Stiles, Paddy Roberts, Cutler, Neame, Williams & of course the infamous Nick McCabe. I made contact several years ago when Ray Terrell was Secretary but alas have not been in regular contact since.

I have seen a post from Steve Beck but am unable to find it again. I remember having a ‘fight’ with him in the playground which lasted all of 10 seconds!

I am wondering how many of my contemporaries are still around – Nick Bates, John Brewer, Graham Brown, Derek Kuhler et al. I do know that Steve Bruce (who I amazingly found in the 1964 school photograph) sadly died in a car accident at a very young age.

If anyone would like to make contact with Kevin, please send the Association your email to be passed on.

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    • I remember Kevin, we were in the same class. I have to say that Bournemoutg school under EG Benbet failed anyone who wasn’t aOxbridge material. Thank fully despite the school I did very well thanks, but no thanks to some of the old fossils like Dodds and McCabe
      Now retired and happily living in SW France

  1. I’m delighted to see my father described as ‘the infamous’: I write to share the news that Nick McCabe died at some point over the Christmas weekend 2021, aged 94. If you mourn, you didn’t know him!

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