Seeking Nigel Gray

Ian Wright, BS 1970-77, is trying to get back in touch with Nigel Gray. He writes:

I attended Bournemouth School from 1970-77 and can only say that it gave me a tremendous education and preparation for the rigours of life afterwards.

I am trying to trace one of my old classmates who I was last in contact with about ten years ago. He moved to Johannesburg in about 1988 and had worked as a brewer for some years but had a traumatic experience when he was burgled and was fortunate to survive. I have had no replies to emails and the phone number I had seemed to have changed so did not get any joy there either.

Ideally I would like someone to make polite enquiries at the address but don’t want to ask the police to do so. Do we happen to know of any old boys who live in Johannesburg who might be in a position to do the above. The chap concerned is Nigel Gray, born around December 1958. At school he had an address in Glenferness Avenue.


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  1. Hi to Ian! being classmates together at BS 1970-77, this drew my curiosity. Surfing around I found something which might help establish contact, see this link:
    There is mention of Nigel in an email from a brewer in S.A., quoted below…
    Good Luck & give him my best regards if you succeed!
    Date: Sat, 10 Feb 1996 10:56:01 +-200
    From: Terence Tegner
    Subject: Old Thumper

    Hi from Terence in South Africa,

    I’ve been off the air for a few months and have now got a new address/service provider. I trust I was not missed.

    A few HBDs ago there was some discussion about the award winning 1988 Old Thumper from Ringwood brewery in UK. I had the privelege of being trained by Peter Austin himself when he was out here many years ago. This is not the main reason for this posting. The brewer of the 1988 Old Thumper that won the Supreme Champion Beer of Britian was Nigel Gray who has settled in South Africa and is head brewer at Firkin Brewpubs in SA. He is also a personal freind and I will approach him for the original recipe in the near future.

    This will be the subject of a future posting.

    Regards to all

    Terence Tegner

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