Photos discovered from old school productions

Hugh Walker recently got in touch with the OBA. He had discovered a number of photographs and documents left by his father, Bernard Walker, who designed sets for a wide range of school productions from the 1930s until his retirement in the 1960s.

Mr Walker writes: “They’re a bit jumbled – difficult to identify dates, but at least some of the participants might recognize themselves and have positive reminiscences. I’ve included the stagehands too. I recollect that the programmes were all printed in the art room and particular boys had a hand in this.”

You will find the photographs below. Let us know in the comments if you recognise anybody – or yourself!

2 thoughts on “Photos discovered from old school productions

  1. Very interesting series, but the only actor I recognise is Michael (?) Head in the title role of one of the Henry V productions. My only venture into the dramatic arts was as Princess Katharine, along with Michael Hewlins as my maidservant, all in old French of course,again in one of the Henry productions. I remember Bernard Walker as one of the human teachers at Bournemouth School, and his son Hugh, of course who was in the same class as me.

  2. Jim!
    Good to see your comment and very pleased that you recognised yourself.
    Yes – it was Michael Head, who appeared in a number of productions, and I remember well you and Michael Hewlins being coached by Sam Seggar, our French teacher.

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