Sea Scout Update: The Home Counties Gig

On the 15th June 2013 a dozen Sea Scouts & Leaders travelled to Richmond Bridge on the Thames for the launch ceremony of the first of the new batch of Home Counties Gigs. Despite occasional heavy showers of rain the Scouts took the opportunity to try the new Gig on the Thames before what seemed like several hours adjusting the road trailer for the journey home, which passed without incident.

Bournemouth School Scouts traditionally use the prefix Sea when naming their larger boats and the new gig was named “Sea Wolf”.


Sea Wolf is 20ft long and has three 14ft oars and one 12ft oar but the Scouts have found Sea Wolf is an easy boat in which to learn to row.


Two instalments have already been paid towards the purchase of a second Home Counties Gig which will be named “Sea Cat”. We hope that Sea Cat and sailing rigs for both new gigs will be delivered in time for the start of the Scout Boating Season in 2014.

Anyone wishing to make a donation toward the final instalment can send a cheque payable to Bournemouth School Scouts at the School or make an online payment to the Scouts Gig Account with Lloyds Bank – Sort Code 309108 Account 27172168.

4 thoughts on “Sea Scout Update: The Home Counties Gig

    • The rowers sit on the opposite side of the boat to the crutch (aka rowlock). In the narrower bow position the distance from the crutch to the rower is less so the longer oar is not required. A longer oar actually makes rowing more difficult.

      • Thanks for explaining how the shorter oar is used. I suppose the rowing effort is then equalized by shortening BOTH the outboard and inboard lengths of that oar, such that the leverage remains equal to the longer ones. Hence the gig is propelled evenly.

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