Obituary: Bob Roberts

From the Bournemouth Evening Echo (17th January 2013) we learn that Bob Roberts, who taught PE and acted as a careers advisor at Bournemouth School for 27 years, died on 31st December 2012. Mr Roberts, often known as Paddy, had achieved his 100th birthday earlier in 2012.

Update: Mr Roberts’ son John has contacted us, and said that Old Boys would be welcome at the funeral service, to be held at the Bournemouth Crematorium on Monday 28th January at noon. He adds: “Dad joined the school in 1948 and retired in 1975.”

One thought on “Obituary: Bob Roberts

  1. Hi there, Bob Roberts lived next door when I was a child. Linda and John were his children. If they are still about, I’d love to know where they are now. Please get in touch! Geoff Blake-Lobb, there is only one!

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