Under-14 footballers from 1944

Following up on his photo of 1944’s under-14 cricketers, Len James, who was at Bournemouth School between 1942 and 1947, has sent in this photograph of the under-14 footballers from the same year. Says Len:

[I] Have just unearthed another old photo which I am sure is the Under 13’s soccer team from 1944. Recalling the names of these is a bit more difficult. The three in the centre of the front row are Doug Sherwood, Peter Close and Jim Ridout. I am second from the left in the back row (Goalkeeper). I do hope some of these fellows are still on the right side of the fairway.

Do get in touch if you can fill in any of the gaps, or know the location of any of these Old Boys.

2 thoughts on “Under-14 footballers from 1944

  1. There are a lot of different faces here. Rideout is certainly on the front row here with Teddy Wade sitting next to him. I will take a longer look at it later today and hopefully identify several more for you.

  2. Here is my best guess at the names of the footballers : –

    Back row : – Bartlett, James, Weedon, ?, ?, ?, Sibley
    Front row : – Pelling, Sherwood, Close, Rideout and Teddy Wade.

    Teddy Wade was a very popular boy and prefect and a fine footballer (winger). Sadly he died around 1951/2 in his student lodgings whilst at University in London. It appears he had a chest infection and was later found dead in his bed by a friend.

    No doubt there are others (such as Gordon Prosser) who may recognise more of of them.

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