Under 14 cricketers from 1944

The picture above was sent in by Len James, who was at Bournemouth School between 1942 and 1947. Len moved to Australia in 1952. He emailed us, saying that he had recently discovered the Old Boys website and was fascinated with the memories of past teachers and fellow scholars.

Len played cricket in the Under 14’s in 1944 and has kept this photo ever since. While he says “the old memory is not so bright these days, and at 81 I am struggling to name all those in the photo” he has still made a sterling effort, below:

Front row (L-R)

  • Len James
  • Peter Close (?)
  • Dougie Sherwood
  • David Tomlinson
  • Gordon Bartlett

Back row (L-R)

  • ?
  • ?
  • ?
  • Alan Melly
  • Jim Rideout
  • Stuart Chalk

Can anyone fill in the gaps?

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  2. I regret I don’t recognise this picture although I can name some of the boys in it. Upon reflection I must have been in the under 14’s a season or two later than this group. Very few boys played more than one season in this side because the following year they would have been over-age and could have gone on to play in the School second XI.

    I recognise two who went on to play for the first XI and they are Stu Chalk at the right hand end of the back row and Gordon Bartlett who is at the right hand end of the front row. Stu went on to become a member of the very successful 1948 first XI under Chris Eales

    I think I also recognise Ashford and Warner at second and third from the left in the back row. Second from the left in the front looks rather like Pete Close and the captain may be Dougie Sherwood. I can make guesses at one or two others.

    If you are able to contact John Demont (I saw him at Dibden golf last year) he will almost certainly be able to name more of these than I can.

    The summer edition of the school magazine normally published the list of boys that played for each eleven so if there is an archive of school magazines somewhere, it should be possible to take this further.

  3. Thanks Bryan – the gap is closing – I recall Ashford and Warner although not their christian names. I can appreciate the difficulty in getting the right year -after all it is some 70 years past. I hope someone may have a contact with Johnny Demont or maybe Chris Eales. I wonder whether there is an archive of the old school magazines?

  4. With the help of John Demont we have assembled the following names for the boys in this picture. ? indicates that we are not absolutely sure.

    Back Row : – Green (?), Ashford, Pelling, Melly, Ridout, Chalk

    Front Row : – James (?), Close, Sherwood, Tomlinson, Bartlett

    Hope this helps

    • Thank you Bryan -the names are now all confirmed. The question mark on the front row is unnecessary (it is me!) but I recognise the rest. I wonder whether there are any clues as to their whereabouts. The last time I saw Doug Sherwood was on the railway station at Farnborough. He was with Tom Farmer – they were both at Sandhurst while I was beavering away at National Service. Would have been 1949.

      kindest regards


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