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  1. A couple of weeks have gone by, and no one from the late 1940’s seems to have been able to recall the missing names of the 1945 Under 14’s cricket team. I suppose they could all have passed on -but it wouldnot give me any great joy to be the only survivor

    • I think I was in the under14s cricket team in 1945. I had a copy of the official picture but cannot find it now. If you could Email a copy to me I expect to be able to name most of them for you.
      BTW : The OB web-site home page displays a school picture from around the same time. I have just spend an absorbing half hour identifying dozens of them. BB

      • I do not remember you Bryan as being in the 1945 Under 14’s Cricket team. I think I have misled the matter and the photo that I submitted is in fact the Under 14’s for 1944!! was born in Feb 1931 so I would have been 14 for the cricket season in 1945. I still hope you can name the names.

      • Do you have an emailed copy of the photo Bryan or have you accessed it on the OB website? If you would like I can email yoiu a scan of the photo direct.

        Len James

  2. The OB website picture is part of a “whole school” photo taken on May 31 1946 – I still have an original! For the u13 cricket photo, I am sure the second left, back row is David Ashford. For the football, I am sure that far right, front row is EWK (Teddy) Wade. I think far left at the back is G.Bartlett and centre is G.Bence

    I was at the school from 1943-50

  3. Thank you Harry – you are quite right about the Under 13’s. I recall Teddy Wade,Gordon Bartlett and G Bence. And I think the lad behind Teddy Wade is Don(?) Sibley.

    No far to go and we will have the lot!!


    Len James

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