Seeking Terry Burwell

John Kerr writes:

I am trying to contact Terry Burwell who would be about 60 years old. Until very recently he was working for the English Rugby Football Union. Terry was a team mate of mine in the 1971 rugby team at Loughborough Colleges. I am trying to organise a reunion of that team and I would very much like to include Terry. If anyone can help with an email address, telephone number or postal address I would be very grateful.

If you have any information, please contact us and I will pass it on.

Update: Now found, thanks!

5 thoughts on “Seeking Terry Burwell

  1. John- It would be good to get some of these Christian names from Loughborough.
    1972-73 – 12th UAU title beating Swansea University 25-4 in the final at Twickenham.
    Team – Steve Midgelow; Clive F.W.Rees, Glen Waugh (capt), Graham Barlow, Lewis G.Dick; Steve Rule, Ashley Armstrong; Fran E.Cotton, Iestyn Thomas, John H.Kerr, Robert E.Piggott, Gareth Thomas, Steve Godfrey, John Hudson. Plus ONE MORE
    1973-74 – 13th UAU title beating Durham University 19-9 in the final at Twickenham.
    Team – E.Sandbach; Colin Lambert, G.Jeffries, D.Warby, W. (Bill) Curley; Alan B.C.Davies, Ashley Armstrong; John Croasdell, Iestyn Thomas, A.Towe, A.Scott, Nigel Gillingham, I.Adamson, Gareth Thomas (capt), S.Oliver.
    1974-75 – 14th UAU title beating Durham University 10-4 in the final at Twickenham.
    Team – E.Sandbach; B.Hook, C.Pratt, I.Ray, Terry Burwell; P.Ubee, Ashley Armstrong (capt); A.Towe, Jeff Herdman, John Croasdell, G.Parry, Nigel Gillingham, S.Oliver, A.Scott, T.Webster.

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