Bernard Walker

Hugh Walker, the son of the late artist, composer and Bournemouth School teacher Bernard Walker has been in touch to share his online tribute to his father’s life. The website has a variety of material from Mr Walker senior’s life, including some of his programme designs and playbills from his time at the school that were found among his papers in 2014.

4 thoughts on “Bernard Walker

  1. Thank you for this tribute, good memories of my ‘O’ level art classes, the understanding of perspective is still with me, I do wish I kept up with the bookbinding!
    Good memories of a most excellent teacher.
    John Oliver 1959-66.

  2. Thank you for doing that Hugh. Fond memories of your father of course, and nice to see you’re still around. Recollect you are the same age as me almost exactly, Nov 1943. Also spotted my 13yr old self in one of the school theatre images.

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