Memories from the 1960s

David James (OB 1960s) has got in touch with some photographs and memories from his time at School.

The first, from 1967, depicts Milford Harrison (L) and David James (R) in front of their work as school poster artists.

Before Photoshop: the two School poster artists 1967, Milford Harrison (L) and David James (R) send up their work.

The second is from a CCF camp in 1965.

RAF South Cerney, 1965, annual camp

David has identified some names as:

Back row: Christopher Challenger extreme left, Michael Gething 3rd from left, David James 5th from left, Philip Yates 4th from right, Norrington 6th from right
Middle row (officers): Flt. Lt. Sephton (Woodwork) centre, P.O. Hopkins (Mathematics) right Front row: Geoffrey Dickinson extreme left, Kuflik 3rd from right

The third and fourth are from the School Play – Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1 (1967).

The School Play, Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1, 1967

Graham Ford as Captain Fluellen (centre), David James as banner bearer.

The Assembled Cast

If any other members have memories they’d like to share, please get in touch.

Kevin Holmes

Kevin Holmes (BS 1963-1968) has got in touch asking if any of his old contemporaries are still around:

I attended BS from 1963 to 1968, joining in the second year having moved from Sir George Monoux grammar school in Walthamstow. Mr Bennett was the Headmaster with Mr Barraclough as his deputy. The usual suspects I remember – Jasper Dodds, Harcourt-Smith, Rayner, Stiles, Paddy Roberts, Cutler, Neame, Williams & of course the infamous Nick McCabe. I made contact several years ago when Ray Terrell was Secretary but alas have not been in regular contact since.

I have seen a post from Steve Beck but am unable to find it again. I remember having a ‘fight’ with him in the playground which lasted all of 10 seconds!

I am wondering how many of my contemporaries are still around – Nick Bates, John Brewer, Graham Brown, Derek Kuhler et al. I do know that Steve Bruce (who I amazingly found in the 1964 school photograph) sadly died in a car accident at a very young age.

If anyone would like to make contact with Kevin, please send the Association your email to be passed on.

Roger Cowdrey

OB Roger Cowdrey has got in touch and would be interested to hear from any of his contemporaries.

I was at the school from 1958 until 1965 and thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I am now 71 and still operating as an International Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Author, although I now live in Turkey and have done for ten years.

I am busy writing my autobiography in between other work and have got to the period of Bournemouth Grammar School which has brought back many memories. I would be interested to hear from anyone from that period to see what they are up to. I occasionally come back to the UK to see relations and am in Brighton at the beginning of December to lecture at the Brighton University Business School, before heading up to Manchester. So if anyone is about let me know.


Alan Hickling

Alan Hickling attended the School for just one term in Autumn 1957 after his primary eduction in Summerbee, and is looking to get back in touch with his contemporaries.

Some members of the Association may remember his father, Harold Hickling, who taught at the School on either side of WWII.

Alan writes:

My greatest association with Bournemouth School is via my father, Harold Hickling, who taught there from 1928 until January 1958 (apart from the War when he served in France, Africa and India ending Lt Colonel in SEAC). He commanded the OTC before the War and had a long involvement with The Old Bournemouthians Cricket Club.

Seeking Richard Barraclough

Sarah Fisher is trying to get back in touch with Richard Barraclough, whom she knew in the 1960’s:

I came across ‘Richard Barraclough of Bournemouth’ when a letter of his was published in the Times yesterday.   I’m sure it must be the person I knew!

It would be good to catch up with him!

Can anyone help?

Seeking Nigel Gray

Ian Wright, BS 1970-77, is trying to get back in touch with Nigel Gray. He writes:

I attended Bournemouth School from 1970-77 and can only say that it gave me a tremendous education and preparation for the rigours of life afterwards.

I am trying to trace one of my old classmates who I was last in contact with about ten years ago. He moved to Johannesburg in about 1988 and had worked as a brewer for some years but had a traumatic experience when he was burgled and was fortunate to survive. I have had no replies to emails and the phone number I had seemed to have changed so did not get any joy there either.

Ideally I would like someone to make polite enquiries at the address but don’t want to ask the police to do so. Do we happen to know of any old boys who live in Johannesburg who might be in a position to do the above. The chap concerned is Nigel Gray, born around December 1958. At school he had an address in Glenferness Avenue.


Jim Green

We have received the sad news that Life Vice-President Jim Green died on 7 July following a second stroke. Jim was instrumental in the success of the Old Boys 1st XI football team for many years, as well as editing and publishing our twice-yearly newsletter. He was also a school governor for a time and served the school and the Old Bournemouthians for many years.

Should anyone wish to attend, the funeral will be held at 11am on Thursday 27 July at Bournemouth East Cemetery, Gloucester Road. Please note the location is not the Bournemouth Crematorium & Cemetery.

Update: George Eldridge (1952-1957)

George Eldridge, a pupil at the school from 1952-1957, recently discovered this site. This led him to reconnect with his school friend Jim Tarrant. George now lives in Australia, and would be very keen to speak to other Bournemouth School alumni of the same era who have also migrated to the antipodes. He has sent use the following update of his life since leaving the school.

I joined Bournemouth School in 1952 and left (very early) in 1957 to join the Metropolitan Police Cadets in London.

I was at the school in the days of the Headship of Mr. Parry and how could one not mention the man himself – Mr. Jasper J Dodds! I sat through many a history lesson from Mr. Dodds, wondering who in my form would be the most likely to be on the receiving end of a solid wooden backed blackboard duster! There was also a fair degree of personal trepidation involved in this as JJ’s aim was not always what he would have liked and the person struck was not always the intended recipient! Ah, how times have changed! If you had been struck by the duster you suffered in silence and certainly would not have reported the event to your parents thus fearing another session from either Mum or Dad – or even both!

After joining the Metropolitan Police I transferred back to the (then) Bournemouth Force that which in 1967 was amalgamated with the Dorset Force. After that, as anticipated by the locals, things changed and not necessesariy for the better. I saw the writing on the wall and rather reluctantly resigned and entered into Teacher Training as a mature aged student.

I studied PE at a now defunct college in Kent where I met my wife and we married in 1971. Four years later we obtained 2 year teaching contracts in Melbourne, Victoria at the conclusion of which we returned to the UK in very late 1977, as we both then had family members living. This was a mistake as we had enjoyed our time and the lifestyle in Australia and we found it somewhat difficult to re-settle. The Victorian Education Department had kept our teaching positions open for us and in March 1980 we returned to Melbourne and have lived in Victoria ever since.

Although my wife returned to teaching, I realised I was not cut out for it (despite the hours and holidays!!). I applied for a position with the Australian Federal Government and remained so employed until I retired in December 2004.

I turn 74 in April of this year and I am proud to say that despite residing in Australia for the larger part of my life I will always be an Englishman. That can never be taken away from me. However, let me tell you Australia is an awfully tricky place to live if you are a `Pom’ when the all blooming conquering Aussies are handing out their usual treatment during an Ashes series!!!!!!!!! More recently the One Day World Cup international defeat by Bangladesh was also the trigger for much merriment from Australian friends!!

I think often of the School and what may have happened to those I knew. I am very willing to provide my email address to anyone who may like to contact me.

We have removed George’s email from this update. However, if you would like to get in touch with George, please leave a comment here and we will forward your details on to him.

BBC casting call for active retirees in Bournemouth

Television production company Electric Ray is developing a series for BBC4 about what it’s like to be growing older in Britain in 2014. It is looking for people over 65 years old who may want to feature. They are interested in people who are active, have strong opinions and live in the Bournemouth area, so have asked the OBA to carry this notice in case it is of interest to Members. If you are interested, please call Ainsley on 07725 638 374 for a chat. Alternatively you can email him.

Documentary seeking participants

We have been contacted by Wall to Wall, a television production company. They are planning to make a new documentary series for the BBC about people who want to track down people from their past who had a profound effect on them. Given the number of requests we receive for people seeking to re-establish contact with others, some members may be interested in participating. Please click below to see the flyer.

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