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Head Masters

Formal Staff Photos

Various generations of the staff can also be seen on the School Photos section.

1951 staff photo

Front Row (L-R): S. C. Wareham, B. S. Walker, J. J. Dodds, R. Arrowsmith, J. M. Dixon, E. W. Kerr, Headmaster J. E. Parry, F. W. Lawrence, W. F. Perry, A. Williamson, P. W. Cushion, H. Wiseman, H. J. Hickling, H. N. Laverack

Middle Row (L-R): J. H. Williams, L. S. Bill, H. W. James, H. F. Green, R. J. Williams, E. A. Knight, B. L. Bell, S. W. Segger, R. W. Stiles, S. E. Watts, G. S. Whitaker, E. I. E. Whitman, K. Baisbrown, A. Steiner, R. D. F. Williams

Top Row (L-R): W. G. Stokoe, C. A. Read, R. H. Gammon, P. A. Guilmant, D. Matthew, R. E. Murray, J. M. Swain, G. W. Quinn, P. F. Swinnerton, C. R. P. Holloway, V. E. H. Bruce-Mitford, M. Harcourt-Smith, B. W. Neame, A. Roberts

Early 1990’s staff photo

Front row, L-R: Miles, Towler, Hussey, Druce, Hatch, J. Hawkins, HM Petrie, D. Hilliam, B. Sanders, Chlubek, Perks, Marris, M. Robinson

Second row, L-R: L. Fisher, W. Pyke, Davies, R. Hill, Elmer, Reynolds, Skipsey, Pakeman, Spencer, Fraser, Franklin, ?, Wass

Third row, L-R: M. Webb, Spencer, Watson, Clench, G. Hughes, Preston, Wilkins, Waite, J. Gibbons, Crockett, A. Gibbons

Fourth row, L-R: Bobal, P. Beardshaw, N. Oates, M. Taylor, K. Maxted, Souter, ?, M. Pritchard, Cook, D. Gibson, A. Heyes, Fullick, Jordan

Top row, L-R: Ashby, Sheard, Carlston, Graham-Brown, J. Hubbard, Taylor

Staff portraits

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