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School Photos

Circa 1927-1933




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School Captains

School Captains (as of 2016)

Year Photos

Year 11, 1998/99 Photo: Ross Parker

Form Photos

Fourth Form, Nov 1915 Photo: Geoffrey Giles

The reverse reads, “To Dear Mother & Father & little Gloria, wishing them all a Happy Christmas from their affectionate son, Claude.”

The only other information we know is that “Ensor” is seated third from right.

Charles Gray was one member of that form but was apparently absent that day. (Charles Gray was to become a famous actor – perhaps best known as Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever?)”  ~ Norman Martin

Form 1-11, 1961/1962 (Mr Neame) Photo: Peter Harte

“We were very proud to have been described by more than one teacher as the worst form that they had ever taught.” ~ Peter Harte

Back row: John Stokes, Malcolm Fry, Brian Bailey, Rory O’Grady, ?, ?, Michael Wickenden, ?, ?

Middle Row: John Saunders, Daryl Vickers (standing in front of John Saunders), Peter Harte, Paul Harris, Richard Smallcaler, Peter Newman, ?, ?, Roger Brown, Philip Richardson, Robert Nunny, ?

Front row seated: ?, ?, Paul Hurll, ?, Ian Hawkins, ?, ?