Seeking Leonard Guscott

Old Boy Pete Sears is trying to trace Leonard Guscott, born c.1925. He writes:

Len and I were great friends until WW2 separated us. He served most of the war with the R.N. in the West Indies. We lost touch after he emigrated to Canada about 1946. I would be interested to know if anyone remembers him, and to learn about his career in Canada. Naturally, I am wondering if he is still with us!

If you have any information, please let us know.

Old Boy update

Sean Boyle (1994-2001) sends the following update:

Upon leaving school in 2001 I decided to have a year out. I worked for 6 months at Sky Sports in London before spending 5 months travelling around the world. This definitely gave me a broader perspective on things and held me adjust to the change of going to university. I then attended Somerville College, Oxford, graduating in 2005 with a 2:1. During my time at university I continued working at Sky Sports in my holidays and this turned into a full time job in 2005, a couple of weeks after leaving Oxford. At Sky I began initially as a runner working on a broad range of shows before finding a job in the Cricket department as an assistant producer. I have recently taken on the role of a producer on a show called Cricket AM which runs during the summer months on Sky.