Minutes of the EGM: Association to survive

Here are the minutes of the EGM held on Thursday 25th November. Attendance was good and the objective of the meeting – gaining new, active members of the Committee – was largely met.

Simon would like to thank all those who attended on the night, and also those who expressed their concerns at the issues facing the Association. As you can see from the notes, the discussion was quite far ranging and touched on many points. Several themes stand out however:

  • The objective of the OBA must be reviewed and confirmed;
  • The relevance of the OBA to potential members must be increased and a less fusty image cultivated;
  • Members must actually do something to keep it alive or it will die. Simon shall not make the efforts to keep it afloat in 12 months time that Simon has done this year.

Dates for the next Committee meeting were mentioned on the night; with Christmas coming up, the first date that would look appropriate would be January 12th 2011. At this meeting we can confirm the dates for the subsequent meetings and the AGM. Unless we hear otherwise, John Underwood and Simon Hird will confirm the venue for the 12th and send out an agenda beforehand.