Memories of the Officer Training Corps

We have recently been contacted by Mr P. John Fish, who was at the school between 1942 and 1948. He is enjoying getting into the school’s history in his retirement, and was particularly interested in our 2016 post of the historical role of the school OTC’s cap badge. Mr Fish has been kind enough to type up some of his memories of the school in his time, with a view that it may interest others. Continue reading

Cap badge

CCF cap badge

Alan Owen writes:

I was at Bournemouth School from 1980-88. I recently read an article on School Officer Training corps from 1938 which recorded that the school’s OTC wore a gilding metal school coat of arms badge in their caps. When I was in the CCF we wore the Royal Armoured Corps cap badge due to the linkage to Bovington camp. The Signals platoon were given the Signal cap badge in 1984 with a parade at the bottom of the sports field. Anyway I recently found an old OTC badge which I thought you might like to use in your magazine as it might jog a few memories. I have as yet been unable to date when the badge changed to the RAC so if you know I would be grateful for the date.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Old Boys back from Afghanistan

Kevin Lindsay, who left the School in 2006 having taught there for 5 years and was an Officer in the School’s CCF, writes:

I thought it fittng to mention that there is an article in the Daily Echo today (Saturday 10th April) on page 20, featuring news of three Old Boys, Iain and Nik West (brothers) and Neil Riley who all served in Afghanistan together. They are all back safely after a 6 month tour.

Kevin says that he still follows the success, progress and stories of people I knew and taught at Bournemouth School and very much enjoys the annual COMPO dinners.

Compo 2009 Details

Ex-members of the school CCF will be interested in the details of this year’s annual dinner. This year it will be held on Monday 28th December 2009 at the Dudsbury Golf Club, Christchurch Road, Parley, Ferndown from 7pm until midnight. The £30 price includes 3 course dinner, coffee, wine and port. If you are interested, please send a cheque made payable to “BSCCF Central Fund” urgently to:

Lt M Bryant (COMPO)
Bournemouth School for Girls
Castle Gate Close
Castle Lane West


SLT D Bryant
76c Mallard Road

Please include the name of the person attending, dietary requirements and a contact address & phone number on the back of the cheque.