Global visitors

MapFor interest, I thought I would post this global heatmap, that shows from which countries this website has been accessed since its relaunch on 25th February 2012. As you would expect, the UK leads the pack, and the next largest concentrations are in the US, Canada and Australia. Poland is also surprisingly well represented. Of course, not all of these site visitors will be Old Bournemouthians, and some may well have arrived here by mistake. But I thought the chart was never the less interesting.

Old Boys Golf Day

John Bathurst, an Old Tauntonian, has emailed with details of the 2013 Old Bournemouthian / Old Tauntonian Golf Day on 23rd May. John writes:

I won’t go deeply into the history (you probably know anyway) but sufficient to say that the OBs and the Old Tauntonians hold a joint golf day each year.

It started 19 years ago when the two associations met to contest The Hemmings Cup that was once competed for in athletics. Over the years the format has changed and we now meet to play three simultaneous competitions – The OB Seniors Trophy, The OT John Rush Trophy and The Pomeroys Cup for the best score of the day.

I’m an Old Tauntonian but have come to regard the OB players as my dear friends…. and I run the day (that’s run rather than ruin, I hope) on behalf of both associations.

Further details and an entry form are available here (Word format).

If you enter please send an email to the OB golf secretary Alan Carver so he can monitor OB entries. Please include your email address and telephone number when contacting him.

Bournemouthians in Antartica

Bournemouthians Jon Beswick and James Balfour have recently returned from a British Expedition to the South Pole for the 100 year anniversary of Captain Scott. The expedition was led by adventurer Neil Laughton. During the expedition Jon tested a prototype shelter which his architecture practice designed. When they reached the Pole, Jon and James celebrated by playing the first ever game of cricket, golf and rugby. They were also the first people wear black tie at the Pole. A video of their exploits is here.

Old Boys’ Golf Matches 2012

There are two planned golf days which are open to all golfers of all age ranges – beginners or experienced players.

  • Thursday 24 May 2012 Old Tauntonians and Old Bournemouthians Golf Day at Dibden Golf course (between Southampton and Fawley)
    This annual event is a Stableford with full handicap allowance and is a friendly meet- up with the two schools but in addition to the individual competition for the Pomeroys Trophy for the overall winner there is also a separate trophy for the Old Bournemouthian Seniors (over 60’s) competition. This golf event is not just for seniors but open to all ex Bournemouth School folks. Traditionally we have a sit down meal after play and there are normally about 30 players. The green fee is £20 and the meal £14. Buggies can be hired but let us know soon if you require one as there are a limited number available.
  • Friday 21 September 2012 OB’s Pre Dinner Golf
    Our usual get together on the day of our annual dinner which is open to all level of players from regulars, occasional players to once a year ‘hackers’ !! Venue not yet fixed but please let me have your details so I can advise you as soon as venue/cost decided upon.

If you would like to enter, please contact Alan Carver, the Old Boys’ Golf Secretary soon. Please let him have your email and home addresses as well as your phone number and your years period at the School. You can reach Alan on 01202 487011 or 07881 815184 or by email. Alan is trying build the golfing section of the OB’s so if you are a golfer please drop Alan an email.

Minutes of the EGM: Association to survive

Here are the minutes of the EGM held on Thursday 25th November. Attendance was good and the objective of the meeting – gaining new, active members of the Committee – was largely met.

Simon would like to thank all those who attended on the night, and also those who expressed their concerns at the issues facing the Association. As you can see from the notes, the discussion was quite far ranging and touched on many points. Several themes stand out however:

  • The objective of the OBA must be reviewed and confirmed;
  • The relevance of the OBA to potential members must be increased and a less fusty image cultivated;
  • Members must actually do something to keep it alive or it will die. Simon shall not make the efforts to keep it afloat in 12 months time that Simon has done this year.

Dates for the next Committee meeting were mentioned on the night; with Christmas coming up, the first date that would look appropriate would be January 12th 2011. At this meeting we can confirm the dates for the subsequent meetings and the AGM. Unless we hear otherwise, John Underwood and Simon Hird will confirm the venue for the 12th and send out an agenda beforehand.