EGM – 25th November 2010

Resolution: This Association needs a viable Committee – without that it cannot function and therefore becomes a dinner club or will be dissolved.

After the AGM held on 6th October, the Association was unable to elect a Committee. The Chairman and Treasurer put themselves forward for re-election and were duly elected, but the Secretary had asked to stand down and none present wished to put themselves forward the role. As such, we were unable to elect a viable committee and so elections to the other positions were abandoned and an EGM called.

Running the Association requires the dedication of a couple of hours of your time on 4 evenings a year for the committee meetings plus the AGM. The make-up of the committee has remained largely static for a considerable amount of time. As such, it has naturally become less productive and is desperately in need of new blood to inject new ideas and purpose into the whole organisation. Over the last few years, events sponsored by the association have become fewer and fewer, be it due to a lack of support or events such as the Charity Golf day reaching the natural end of their life.

The EGM is an appeal for younger members of the association (e.g. who have left the school since 1990-95) to get involved at any level to keep it going; the committee will not object to it being pointed out that they are all getting on a bit. Without feedback it’s members, potential members or soon to be ex-pupils, it ceases to be a viable concern and so itself will reach the end of its natural life. In a time when people seem keen to build networks, whether social or professional, this association is an excellent starting point from which to build. Local businesses looking to build their turnover or make new contacts, pupils looking for career advice, friends looking to trace each other are just some of the benefits that members can provide each other.

Please attend this event on 25th November at 7:30pm at the West Hants Tennis Club, Roslin Road South, Bournemouth, BH3 7EF otherwise the Old Bournemouthians’ Association WILL be wound up.